Character Trailer: Lazarus

Who is Lazarus? Take a listen to our character for Lazarus, the main antagonist in Episode 5 of Codename Cygnus.  Lazarus is voiced by Rob Wiethoff, who also [...]

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The Music of Codename Cygnus

Today, we’d like to introduce our composer for Codename Cygnus, Li Xiao’an. He is a composer and audio designer who has produced music for the App-Store featured game, Ravenmark: Mercenaries, [...]

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Episode 87 | Reactive Studios

Episode 87 | Reactive StudiosJonathon Myers from Reactive Studios joins us to talk about non-traditional narrative and interactive fiction in his upcoming title, Codename Cygnus. When we heard that we [...]

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Codename Cygnus on!

Boston Festival of Indie Games - FIGCast Interview We were recently interviewed about Codename Cygnus on the first Boston Festival of Indie Games FIGCast. Watch the interview and [...]

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