Cheers to UK!

We would like to extend a warm welcome to our international users! Today, Earplay was featured in the Alexa newsletter for the UK region. Last month we announced an update that would extend our availability on the Alexa platform to Englanders. We’re happy to say that with bug fixes and some small tweaks, everything is working smoothly, and our friends across the ocean will have full access to account sign-up with all of our demo content. You’ll also be able to buy and play the full Orpheus Device story as soon as it is released next month!

As the holiday season ramps up, we hope to see lots of new Echo owners trying out our skill. All you have to do is ask Alexa to “enable the Earplay skill,” and you’re ready to play! While you’re home with family, instead of sitting together around the box for an old-fashioned radio drama, why not gather around an Echo instead? Get the whole family engaged with a new kind of storytelling experience, and share the joy of interactive audio dramas!

As we expand our Earplay library, we would love to extend availability to any region an Alexa device can be found. Great stories are a universal delight – and with your support, we hope to bring our unique experience to entertainment lovers everywhere. It all starts with U…K!


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  • Joseph Bunce

    This is amazing, went through the demo and codename cygnus. Both provide a very exciting and interactive story and hope to see more to come on the echo.

    P.S. Are there any easter eggs?

    • Jon

      Hey Joseph! No easter eggs in the demo content, but we have some cool stuff planned for the Orpheus Device and while you’re waiting you can try out the iOS version with additional demo content and a teaser experience for the Orpheus Device.

      Also heads up that we’re shifting over to a new comment and community system, so this may disappear. Check in with us over at