[Earplay] Releases First Title During PAX Prime Apperance

August 31st, 2013 – Boston, MA – Codename Cygnus, the interactive radio drama for iPhone/iPad by Reactive Studios, is now available for free download on the Apple App Store.

Codename Cygnus is an interactive radio drama featuring over 25 talented voice actors including Rob Wiethoff (John Marston, Red Dead Redemption), Logan Cunningham (Rucks, Bastion), Sarah Elmaleh (Skulls of the Shogun), Chris Ciulla (Fallout: New Vegas), Chris Rando (Dance Central 3), and many others.

With either a spoken word or a simple tap on the screen players can progress through the story in multiple-choice dialogue moments like those you often find in adventure or RPG games.

PAX Prime attendees can visit minibooth #676 of the Indie Megabooth to chat with creative director Jonathon Myers on launch day, Saturday August 31st.

Key Features:

  • Interactive Experience – Listen to the story unfold as the characters react to your decisions.
  • Hands-Free Gameplay – Voice recognition technology and simple UI enable tap-free gameplay that requires only spoken commands in a private setting.
  • Accessibility – Developed to be compatible with VoiceOver accessibility options for an entirely non-visual experience.
  • Episodic Content – Enjoy the story in a serial fashion the same way as audiences experienced old time radio dramas. Installments of 15-20 minute episodes are planned for post-launch release.
  • Online Saved Game – As you make decisions that impact the ongoing story, your decisions are saved securely online.
  • Character Statistics – Track your spy traits over time to understand the secret agent you have become!

Reactive Studios has also released an extended interactive launch trailer for Codename Cygnus.

  • Extended Interactive Cut: http://bit.ly/CygnusExtendedTrailer
  • Launch Trailer: http://bit.ly/CygnusLaunchTrailer

Codename Cygnus is available free on the Apple App Store with the Prologue episode included. Additional episodes are available for $1.99 each, or the entire set of five Mission 1 episodes is available for purchase at $7.99. Three of the five Mission 1 episodes are available for download at launch, with two sidequest missions planned for release in September.

Download Codename Cygnus: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/codename-cygnus/id687548603

Screenshots, logos and more assets are available to download from: http://press.codenamecygnus.com/

For more information regarding Codename Cygnus, please visit the following websites:

  • http://codenamecygnus.com
  • http://bit.ly/CygnusMegabooth
  • http://twitter.com/codenamecygnus
  • http://facebook.com/codenamecygnus

To arrange an interview or receive a review copy of Codename Cygnus, please send an email to press@reactivestudios.net.

About Codename Cygnus

Codename Cygnus is an interactive radio drama inspired by old time serial radio shows. Players take on the roll of a secret agent in this interactive world and with either spoken word or a simple tap on the screen you can make choices and progress through the story. Codename Cygnus features a talented voice acting cast, episodic content and statistics to see just what kind of secret agent you have become.

About Reactive Studios

Reactive Studios is an independent game developer with operations in the metro-Boston area and abroad. Our mission is to develop compelling audio games with interactive dramatic scenarios for a reflective, story-based player experience. We produce mobile games that are responsive to the player’s in-game decisions via voice input. We aspire to create bold, reactive games.