Agents, listen up! 

Reactive Studios will be showcasing Codename Cygnus all this weekend, April 11th – April 13th, at PAX East 2014.

Attendees will be able to be the first to experience the upcoming Android version of Codename Cygnus. Additionally, we&;ll have the iOS version of the game on hand as well! 

By being part of the Boston Collective booth at PAX East, attendees will be able to enjoy three other great games from Boston area game developers. Reactive Studios, The Tap Lab, Popcannibal and Disco Pixel will be the four developers located inside the Boston Collective booth, inside the Indie Megabooth

Finally, our Creative Director, Jonathon Myers will be speaking on the &;Gaming Socially: A World at Play” panel at PAX East.  The panel is on Saturday and takes place from 4PM to 5PM, and you don&8217;t want to miss it! More details on the panel can be found on the PAX East website here. 

Be sure to stop on by booth and attend the Gaming Socially panel this weekend!