Good afternoon agents!

A new update for Codename Cygnus has rolled out to the App Store. This new update brings a hefty amount of changes to improve your experience with Codename Cygnus.

To start off, we’ve added universal support for Codename Cygnus across both iPhone and iPad! The game will now run natively on both of those devices.

For agents obsessed with their in-game stats, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve made a few changes to how they’re displayed. We now show your agent’s stats as you are playing through an episode. As you make decisions, you’ll see your stats dynamically update on the screen.

codename-cygnus-v13-stats codename-cygnus-v13-agent-profile

In addition to displaying your stats directly inside an episode, we’ve also tweaked the Agent Profile screen and changed how it looks.

Finally, we’ve made a few preparations for the new content we announced a few weeks ago. Episode 7, Signum Cygni, is on the way and will be released soon!

Go ahead, check out the new update, and let us know what you think of it! Snap a screenshot of your stats in-game and tweet them to us to have a chance of your agent profile and stats being featured on our blog!