Today we released a brand new update for Codename Cygnus which includes a lot of fixes and new features! We&;ve also lowered pricing for individual episodes and Mission 1 by over 50%! 

We&8217;ve also added support for Game Center, and with it we&8217;ve added over 20 achievements for you to unlock as you play through Codename Cygnus! Some achievements are straight forward and easy to unlock, while others may be a little more challenging. 

Additional fixes with the brand new update include improved speech recognition and VoiceOver accessibility.

In addition to the update for Codename Cygnus, our CEO and Creative Director, Jonathon Myers, will be attending Casual Connect Europe where he will give a presentation on Acoustic Storytelling and Interactive Radio Drama. For more information on the talk, please visit the event website here:

The new update for Codename Cygnus is just the beginning of great new things for Codename Cygnus and Reactive Studios this year. We&8217;ll have many more wonderful announcements in the coming months! 

You can download Codename Cygnus and the brand new update for free from the app store by clicking here:

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