Players of Codename Cygnus will be excited to hear that some of the great voice actors featured in Codename Cygnus are also starting in Lantana Games&; upcoming stealth-action game, Children of Liberty.


Children of Liberty is a 3D stealth-action game taking place the night before the Battles of Lexington and Concord. The game send players on a journey to uncover the details of a conspiracy that could plunge the Colonies into war. 

Voice actors in Codename Cygnus Sarah Elmaleh, the voice of Miss Honeybourne, and Chris Rando, the voice of Vassi M. Krasnoff, will play Ally Baker, a stern caretaker and free runner, and Joseph, an athletic, bratty warrior, respectively. 

Want to hear a sampling of all the voice actors in Children of Liberty? Check out the &;Voices of Boston&; video below!

Reactive Studios is currently helping Lantana Studios with the voiceover production for Children of Liberty. 

Children of Liberty is currently being developed by Lantana Games and will launch on Steam Early Access in Spring 2014. 

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