We just relaunched CodenameCygnus.com with a brand new website design. While you might find it&;s similar to the old design we had, it now showcases much more information about the game, such as our awards and press coverage, and also our Tumblr blog is built right into the website! 

Head on over to CodenameCygnus.com right now to check out the website, or CodenameCygnus.com/blog to read this post (and many others) right on our blog page! 

Be sure to follow our Tumblr page as we&8217;ll have many more great announcements, reveals and Codename Cygnus content in the coming days, weeks and months. We&8217;ve been cooking up a lot of great things to reveal this year, and you don&8217;t want to miss any of them!  

Website: http://codenamecygnus.com

Blog: http://codenamecygnus.com/blog

Download Codename Cygnus on iOS for free! http://bit.ly/DownloadCygnus