The team here at Earplay is SO excited to announce our first weekly title: The Earplay Committee, which is a LOT less tedious than it sounds. Get started right now on your choice of voice platform – select iOS, Alexa, or Google Assistant above!

Each week, starting this Thursday, you can ask to attend the Committee Meeting from your Earplay app. You’ll get an insider’s briefing on the events at Earplay, and then cast YOUR vote between 2 proposals for the following week!

This isn’t your average Committee meeting, folks. You’ll be informed and entertained by Office-style debauchery direct from the Earplay staff, including CCO Dave Grossman and Executive Producer Eddy Webb. Each meeting ends – in under two minutes! – with a choice between two equally ridiculous proposals. And that’s where you come in!

Don’t worry about your packed meeting schedule. You can attend and vote in the Earplay Committee any time before Tuesday @10am ET. Just remember to come back next Thursday, so you can hear about the aftermath of the decision made by you, the players!

Where in the world is Eddy phoning in from? What happened to all of the ice trays in the office refrigerator? And why is coffee so expensive in Croatia? Important questions like these plague the Earplay Committee every week, and we need a decision from an esteemed Earplayer like you to sooth the embattled beast of business bureaucracy.