trueWe’re proud to announce that our iOS app is now available!

Amazon Alexa device owners have been enjoying the Earplay experience for a while now, but we’re especially thrilled to bring our stories to a wider audience. We’ve worked hard to make a seamless, exciting experience you control with just your voice, and we think you’re going to love what we’ve been working on.

For the first time, we’re giving you the chance to pierce the Shroud with your brand new Orpheus Device, your key to a terrifying journey to the Underworld. We’ve joined forces with White Wolf to help guide you into the World of Darkness, and this is the first chance many have had to go beyond the mortal realm we’re so comfortable with. Your Orpheus Device may invite something unnatural back into our world, and some content may be disturbing for younger listeners, so please be careful!

Play the prologue for Codename Cygnus, our first story, which we recently revamped with all-new interactions and gameplay. Put yourself into the shoes of a daring super spy, and save the world from destruction from the comfort of your couch, living room, train, or underground lair.

Ponder your very nature with Half, a humorous exploration of optimism. Or pessimism. Depends on whether you’re a glass half-full or glass half-empty kinda person.

We’re just missing one thing: the main character of our stories. Join us. Then tell us what kind of stories you want to star in.