Cygnus-Holiday Good day, agents! We have very exciting news for you, so listen up!

Today, we’ve released Episode 7, Signum Cygni, for Codename Cygnus on iOS. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, has you escaping a perilous situation as a former threat resurfaces.

Episode 7 relies heavily on your previous decisions as a Cygnus agent. The new episode brings in four completely distinct branches of story.

Did you take Alexander’s or Matthews’ advice about the bomb in the Consulate? Are you a more athletic agent than clever? These choices and more help shape your experience and outcome in Signum Cygni!

Additionally, Episode 7 features Billy Nichols from the Structure Gaming Network as the voice actor for Agent Rhodes!

Agents looking for a tease of Episode 7 can listen to the teaser trailer we released two weeks ago below:

The release of the new episode ties in with a brand new update for Codename Cygnus we released just over a month ago. The update brought universal support for both iPhone and iPad, as well as a handful of changes to the agent profile screen, and a dynamic visual presentation of your agents stats.

Episode 7 isn’t the end of new content for Codename Cygnus. We’ll have something more festive for you very soon. Even spy organizations have get togethers around the holidays..

That’s all for now agents! Be sure to continue monitoring our blog and social media channels for more information in the coming weeks.

– Agent Mudry

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