Every so often, we will feature an agent from the Codename Cygnus community that has completed the first mission assigned to them by Cygnus HQ, or made themselves stand out in a unique way. 

Today, we are featuring Agent Marlinspike, who is a charismatic agent, that just happens to have a humorous side. We gave him a few questions to answer, let&;s see what he had to say! 

What is your spy gadget of choice?

It&8217;d have to be my earpiece, of course. It keeps me updated in the field, plus lets me listen in to important conversations. Totally essential.

What is your signature skill as a spy?

A quick wit and a sense of humour. Nothing like cracking a joke to win over a mark or wrong foot a goon. 

What is your favorite spy movie, book, or game? 

I&8217;m a big fan of Archer, for the sheet ridiculousness of it all, but I&8217;m also a fan of the number one comic book spy, Black Widow. 

Who is your favorite character from Codename Cygnus? 

Gotta be Agent Delphi. She&8217;s got the tech and a sense of humour. Basically my perfect partner in espionage.

This message will self destruct in 5 seconds, what will you do? 

What? I&8217;m reading this on my iPod! That&8217;s where I play Codename Cygnus! Why would you forsake me like this?!

Thank you Agent Marlinspike for taking some time to talk with us. I&8217;m sure it&8217;ll let your fellow secret agents at Cygnus HQ know a little bit about who you are. 

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Until next time agents,

Cygnus HQ out.