Every so often we will feature a brand new agent from within the Codename Cygnus community who has completed the first mission assigned to them from Cygnus HQ. We will learn a little bit more about these agents and how they preform out on the field!

Today, our featured agent is Agent Onyx. Judging by the profile we have on him, he is a very clever and charismatic agent, who also has his secretive side. 

We asked Agent Onyx a few questions. Here&;s what he had to say:

What is your spy gadget of choice? 

A pocket watch with a retractable garrote wire. A pull from where the chain attaches to the watch is where the wire comes from. 

What is your signature skill as a spy?

Getting into people&8217;s heads. Sit me down with a person and I&8217;ll get all the info I want, one way or another.

In your off time, what is your favorite spy movie, book or game?

Spyhunter for the Xbox. I really liked having an armed-to-the-teeth supercar! The transforming car from boat or motorcycle also blew my mind. 

Who is your favorite character from Codename Cygnus?

Alexander is my favorite. I do like the handlers in games. Also I did not see

[redacted information. clearance required] coming. 

This message will self destruct in 5 seconds, what will you do?

Toss it behind me and walk away. Never miss the opportunity to walk away from an explosion, no matter how small it is! 

Thank you to Agent Onyx for being our first featured agent in the Codename Cygnus community. 

Would you like to be one of our next featured agents? Send an email to info@reactivestudios.net with the subject title &;Featured Agent&; and be sure to include your agent name! 

This week's featured Agent, Agent Onyx. This is his profile image.