Earplay is thrilled to be joining best-in-class exhibitors at the Future of Storytelling Festival (FoST), the world’s leading immersive storytelling event in New York, October 6-8, 2017. As the leader in interactive audio stories you play with your voice, Earplay is honored to be a finalist for the People’s Choice AND the Independent Jury Organization awards.

For the FoST People’s Choice award, the public is invited to cast their vote by October 8th for one of only 20 finalists in innovative storytelling. The winner will be announced at the end of the festival, earning accolades and a $5,000 prize. VOTE for the “Earplay Demo” by October 8th!

At the festival, be sure to stop by the Earplay booth to experience our award-finalist “Earplay Demo”, a showcase of advanced interactive audio technology and the narrative stylings of the legendary Dave Grossman.

For our second story, Earplay is excited to announce the world premiere of a brand new short, “Office Hours,” written exclusively for this year’s FoST Fest by Evan Skolnick, expert game narrative designer.

Whether attending the Future of Storytelling festival in-person, or following along from your computer – for the People’s Choice award, remember to VOTE for the “Earplay Demo” by October 8th!

You can buy tickets for FoST Fest here, and check out their press release (with a full exhibit lineup) here.