Hey there, Earplayers!

My name is Rachel Roberie, and I recently came on to the Earplay team to help out with social media and community development. Things are moving faster around here than anybody thought they would, and we needed somebody ready to jump into the fray of the Internet and get a conversation rolling. As a live-in citizen of the internet since roughly 1996, I’m pretty psyched that spending time with my kind – fans, players, and geeks of all stripes – is a real job! I mean, it is a real job. I have to do research about trending topics and unfamiliar fandoms, write tons of messages and emails, and figure out how to get people to visit our website and try our stories (which is much harder than it sounds). We’ve got a lot of cool secret stuff going on behind the scenes too, so I’m always making sure I don’t say anything that the public shouldn’t know yet.

Our Fearless Leader Jon Myers asked me to join the Earplay team in August, when we started rolling out our work with Amazon Echo. We met in 2013 when I was an artist in the Mass. Digital Arts Institute summer program, working on a casual game called Wobbles, but my career path 180’d from games to business and we lost touch. In 2016 we reconnected over Facebook (appropriately) when I said something that was pretty cool (apparently) on one of Jon’s statuses, and the rest is history! With my strong background in marketing, mass communications, and digital media, the team has given me the freedom to flex my creative and talkative inclinations at will (insert sinister laughter here…)

I can’t imagine a more exciting company to figure out social media with.

As a lifelong fiction nerd, childhood Rachel adored choose-your-own adventure books – I’m a sucker for romance and I’m always getting over-attached to fictional characters. But I graduated to roleplaying games and digital storytelling as soon as I was tall enough to reach the computer desk. I’ve accrued an embarrassing collection of otome games (Japanese visual novels), one hundred+ chapters read on the Episode app, and a terabyte-sized Steam archive of Telltale Games, narrative “walking simulators,” and miscellaneous RPGs. There’s more… a lot more. But if I told you, I’d have to kill you.

I’ll be behind many of our social posts, and showing up at most of our events and conventions, so come and say hello! I love to geek out with fellow fans, and I’m a fan of a lot of things – I can be reached pretty much anywhere on social media. If you play your cards right, you might even unlock my tragic backstory.