Greetings, everyone!

Here in Boston, spring has finally arrived. We’re all excited to come out of hibernation. Likewise, it feels like Earplay itself is emerging from a longer than planned hibernation… just in time.

From my perspective, right now Earplay is at the very epicenter of an exciting time for the internet of voice. The ecosystem and audiences of voice first experiences are rapidly changing and growing. With the omni-presence of smart home speakers come important new features like voice purchasing and notifications, and Earplay has been fortunate to add these to our technology at the beta stage.  As 2017 came to a close, it became clear that 2018 was going to be a very special year.

As a result of hard work these last several months, Earplay is now well-positioned as an industry leader to grow with content for all audiences working with many partners. We’ve been especially thrilled to discover a rapidly growing interest in long form content among studios, brands… and devoted listeners. (That’s you!)

Looking back, this has not been a simple or easy process. As a tiny Boston startup founded five years ago with a dream and a Kickstarter, we are finally changing the way people think about interactive audio entertainment in an eyes-free, hands-free world ushered in with new voice services. Time after time, we were told that our idea was silly, crazy, unlikely, impossible, and without value or likelihood of success. And yet, as the world has slowly come round to our way, noticing a slowly but steadily growing audience of earplaying fans who can’t wait for more. (You again!)

As our original Earplay community, I want to sincerely thank you for your support, patience, and faith in our company and its vision. You were the first to discover the excitement.  And soon, you will see more announcements about new releases, for long awaited titles as well as new stories for new audiences.

Get ready. The fun is about to begin.

As always, if you register for an Earplay account we’ll keep you updated on upcoming releases. And, if you have not yet tried our current titles, check them out!

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