It’s hard to believe that we’re already three months into 2017! We’ve been doubling down on scripts and rounding up voice actors (a little like herding cats) so we can get our first long form Earplays out for your enjoyment – including the much anticipated Wraith collaboration with White Wolf, the revised and “reactivated” Codename Cygnus, and the all-ages fantasy Pugmire. (And even more, but we need to keep our lips zipped for the moment…)

We’re all nerdy as heck, so we know what it’s like to wait and anticipate a big release. Our first few long form Earplays are running into some technical hurdles, namely figuring out how to get our story architecture to play nice with user accounts and purchasing. Voice interface is a cutting-edge technology, and nobody’s ever had these kinds of problems before.

Q: How do you create and sell the first long form entertainment experiences on voice-first platforms, introducing a new commercial storytelling medium to an audience?

A: Very carefully. With many sleepless nights, and lots of ups and downs.

We’re putting in the hours and working closely with the folks at Amazon and Google to save those hours down the line – that glorious moment when we’ll have a shiny new pipeline and the fastest content creation this side of the Veil. It’s a bit of a bummer right now, but it’ll all be worth it in the long run.

And coming down that pipeline, our first stories could hardly be more different from each other. Within the next several months, whether you’re a fan of horror, fantasy, or romance, you’ll have new people to meet, new worlds to explore, and new choices to make.

Q: Great, so when will you be releasing more stories?

A: Yes.

Stay tuned for more announcements in the days ahead. We’ll try to avoid another bout of radio silence. We cannot wait to tell you about all the exciting, top-secret stuff that we’ve been preparing for behind the scenes.