A+E NETWORKS’® HISTORY® Brand has Partnered with EARPLAY® Interactive Audio to Launch the “Ultimate HISTORY Quiz” Skill for Amazon Alexa

Amazon Announces New Skills with In-Skill Purchasing Capabilities at Amazon Web Services (AWS) re:Invent Conference

Las Vegas, NV – Nov 30, 2017

At this week’s AWS re:Invent Conference, A+E Networks’ HISTORY brand was named as one of five skills launching soon and including in-skill purchases.. The “Ultimate HISTORY Quiz” skill, due mid-December, is a collaboration between HISTORY and Boston-based startup Earplay, whose platform empowers the interactive history quiz.

HISTORY’s “Ultimate History Quiz” is a history buff’s new favorite Amazon Alexa pastime. The quiz features thousands of global history trivia with questions on everything from U.S. presidents, ancient civilizations, world wars, pop culture, military heroes and more. Each day, play the ‘Free Daily Three’ and test your knowledge across a range of historical subjects. For the ultimate challenge, each month you can purchase two new question packs consisting of 50 questions. Packs are just $0.99 for Prime members and $1.99 without a Prime membership. Play the whole pack to find out how you match up against other history trivia enthusiasts. “Ultimate History Quiz” features trivia voiced by actors and notable personalities.

As with other Earplay experiences, the use of quality processed audio includes delivery by a human voice for a highly immersive experience. In addition, the interactive content is more than “ask & answer”. The Earplay platform’s content management technology will serve new interactive audio questions every day, remembering your responses, and tracking your performance over time – even compared to other players. “Ultimate HISTORY Quiz” is the second title for Amazon Alexa from HISTORY, following its popular daily flash briefing and skill, “This Day In History.”


About Earplay


Based in Boston, MA, Earplay is the premiere creative platform for publishing interactive audio experiences across all voice-enabled devices and services.

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