Here’s some great news for role playing fans! We’re now a stretch goal of the Scion 2nd edition Kickstarter by Onyx Path Publishing. Scion is a game about gods, humanity, and everything in between. It’s a game about mythic deeds and the legends those deeds engender. You can help us to reach the $225,000 mark of pledges so that a full length Earplay interactive audio drama will go into production and release in late 2017.

For information on the stretch goal, and to make this a reality with a pledge, visit the link above. Or maybe check out their main video first:

When you contribute you’ll get a chance at early beta access, and at launch you’ll receive the full volume free. An Earplay volume is a set of chapters, each like a radio drama episode, and this structure is similar to how a mission one is a set of episodes in our first interactive audio drama, Codename Cygnus. It will be the serialized equivalent of a movie’s length of voice-controlled high quality interactive audio candy for your ears. We’ll deliver it through the Earplay library, which will launch with free content to try later this month. For more details, join our email list below or sign up for our community.

Before I finish, I’d also like to take a moment to thank Richard Thomas of Onyx Path, and our own Eddy Webb. We first began discussing how the Earplay medium could benefit role players who want a personal single player option for those moments in between social play. You see, our earliest conceptions of Earplay related more to interactive versions of radio dramas or audiobooks. But then, less than a year ago, Richard, Eddy, Dave, and I started talking and it became clear that the best and most loyal audience we can hope for is made up of those who have already been speaking through their gameplay, engaged in role playing with their friends, in a tradition of over 40 years! This immediately led to our first test, a stretch goal in a Kickstarter for Pugmire, which has had an overwhelmingly positive response from fans.

As Richard puts it so well over on the Onyx Path blog: “A solo Scion 2e gaming experience means you get a very different focused way to keep having game fun in the Scion 2e setting even when your gaming group can’t get together. And that is an added value that complements our tabletop RPG books really nicely.”

Agreed! Thanks to Richard and Eddy for believing in this. You’ve made it a reality for us and the Scion fans.

Please let us know what you think over in the community, where you can comment on this post or start your own topics. In addition to the fantasy settings of Scion and Pugmire, what sorts of stores would you like to play with your voice? Which Earplays should we plan next?