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The Earplay hub makes use of brand new voice-first technologies to deliver high quality interactive audio stories across your smart devices and connected home. In addition to our standalone iOS application, we are live on all Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant devices, and each device can link seamlessly to the same Earplay account – so you can take your stories everywhere!

Connecting to the Earplay hub is easy – just ask your Google or Alexa device to “enable Earplay” and follow the instructions within the app to set up a free Earplay account. From the hub, you can listen to that week’s news by saying “get the Shortwave,” vote in our weekly Steering Committee by saying “attend the Committee Meeting,” or try any of our free demo titles – if you know the name of something you want to hear, just say it to play it!

EARPLAY EXPERT TIP: You can skip the welcome message and get straight to what you want to hear with a single sentence! Try saying “start Earplay AND attend the Committee Meeting,” or “start Earplay AND play the Earplay demo.”