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Jonathon Myers
Jonathon Myers Chief Executive Officer
Jonathon co-founded Earplay to pursue his interests in simulated conversation, interactive systems design, and narrative entertainment platforms.
Dave Grossman
Dave GrossmanChief Creative Officer
Dave is a preeminent author of interactive entertainment whose narrative design sensibilities grace a critically acclaimed portfolio that spans twenty-five years.
Bruno Batarelo
Bruno BatareloChief Technology Officer
Bruno co-founded Earplay to explore and combine an array of cutting edge technology stacks in unique ways.
Eddy Webb
Eddy WebbExecutive Producer
Eddy is a writer, designer, and producer who has worked with a number of high-profile properties over the past fifteen years.
Rachel Roberie
Rachel RoberieSocial Media Coordinator
Rachel is a writer, designer, and social media ace who first connected with Earplay as an artist on a game development team. She is graduating from Northeastern University in 2017 in Communications and Business.