One of the most important elements of any good piece of audio entertainment is a talented cast to breathe life into the words. With the core rulebook nearly ready for printing and the “Friends and Enemies” Earplay just visible on the horizon, our executive producer Eddy has sent April updates to the Pugmire Kickstarter with the final listing of voice cast members, some of whom you’ll recognize from our geeky little web family.

Eddy Webb himself, the Grand Poobah of the Pugmire universe, is the author and showrunner. You might remember Amy, Jason, and Ivan from “No Survivors,” the Pugmire playtest from Geek & Sundry ForeverVerse that we posted a few months ago. We repped our friend Bonnie’s GDC panel, and Cyrus has collaborated on our website and social media content with yours truly. Even our CEO Jon appears as a villainous cat bandit (don’t tell Cary Grant)!

What’s wonderful about producing a new medium is that everybody you work with is, by necessity, multitalented and highly adaptable – we’re extremely fortunate to have collaborated with all of these folks, and couldn’t have done such great work in such a short time without each of their creative contributions. With that said, let us introduce our faithful Earplayers to the people behind the pups:

Amy Vorpahl as Joanna Husky
Brandon Wentz as Damian Borzoi
Jason Charles Miller as Rondo Border-Collie
Ivan Van Norman as Albert Corgi
Jacqueline Wentz as Yosha Pug
Cyrus Nemati as Murra Pug
Bonnie Bogovich as One-Eyed Molly and Female Puppy
Austin Beach as Male Puppy
Jon Myers as the cat bandit